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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pi screen
The screens arrived in about a month. They look good, but I advice a better protection. It is necessary to protect the back as well, it containing small SMD components and also the chips for the screens (black dots). Thank you!
Tested on Raspbian Stretch. Works perfectly, though calibrating the touch points is very difficult. I have not been able to calibrate the points to be the exact spot where i use the stylus. I am not able to hit the Raspbian start icon as an example. But if you want to use the LCD screen for an interface with large buttons it will work.
Package ok, working, seller forgot 2 items to sent, but money was returned. Average shipping speed. If you liked me review, please support me and use my Megabonus link, you can receive up to 8.5% of order money back for each product in order, also for Ebay and others! Check last picture for link, you can scan QR code with phone to access it.
Genuine seller. Fast shipping. Thank you. LCD is very responsive and a good DPI for its size. I couldn't get the LCD to work on a kernel newer than 4.9 with a Raspberry Pi Zero W. The current latest kernel (4.14) would not work and just end up in a garbled mess of white and black lines. Switching to the older 4.9 cleared up any issues straight away without any config changes. Grab the "2017-07-05-raspbian-jessie" version if you have trouble.
All good. Original Waveshare packaging, included USBtoMicroUSB for touch/power, short HDMI cable and a CD with some software for Raspberry and similar. It needs an adapter for VGA. Monitor has good image and responds to touch well.