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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for roboter zu programm
Item came as described. However, the Arduino Uno board was damaged and cannot be programmed. Seller was kind enough to refund a portion of the cost for me to get a replacement board locally.
The set is larger in real life than the photos do justice. It's a nice build and only the cockpit is not as sturdy as I would like, no problem for displaying. Set had 1 missing piece but of the same piece there were others in a different color as spare (not visible in the finished build). There was also a wrong molding in 1 of the 2 tire rims, one of the center axle holes is shifted 45 degrees. Resulting in the cockpit area hanging with only 2 pegs instead of 4 pegs, no issue for a display model. The 2 wings articulate nice and clicky, the stand is a little wobbly. Fast shipping by the seller!