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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bildschirm xperia z3
All right. The glass fits, only the notches on the front camera are missing but this is not a problem. Pictures are of the same quality, nothing disturbs :) I recommend.
Perfect! The dust absorber and then wet and dry cleaners give easily and perfectly positioned glasses without any remaining dust or fingerprint. The glasses seem also more thick than the ones I had before and that were totally cracked after one day... Hope that ones will be more resistant as they seem to be!
Unfortunately the screen protector doesnt perfectly fit to the phone's screen and its edges. Front screen protector is good but rear one has two cut circles, one for camera and one for flash and they cant be fit unitarily. As a result of that you can either have rear edges set properly or the slots for camera and Flash. Apart from that, the quality is good but 2.5D edges are a joke. They are certainly not rounded. I think for this price, this screen protector is a good choice.