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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for serum schnecke
not the best cream I used. first time trying with snail extract and I don't like it. takes a long times to absorb and skin don't feel very moistured. don't think I will order snail creams again.
Ordered on March 28, shipped after Chinese festival on April 7, not so fair, other sellers shipped on March 30, so not so quick in processing, about product a little greasy, it better suits dry skin, mine is normal so needs only small drop, absobs normally if applied not to much, no shine after apply. Package was safe in buble box, package is good for present, looks a lot bigger in description, but you get 20 ml as in description, I think it will be enough for 6 months
So far I’m happy with my purchase, it looks totally as described. Haven’t tried it on my face yet so not sure if it works. Want to mention that expiration date is good. Also seller put a sample of cream. Thanks to seller!
I love it! I have oily skin so a water based moisturizer like this is perfect and the mixture of aloe and snail serum leaves a very light but soft finish. When I wake up on the morning, my face is normally soft smooth and clear and I love that so much!! I’ll definitely be buying again!!
Perfect packing and I have requested the seller to send the parcel before 5th of May and he send it very fast receive it on 6th of April. Thank you so much for sending it fast
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