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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for sound ton
These bite alarms took 21 days to get to California so that wasn't too bad I was hoping it would take 14 days but nope. On arrival the packages looked pretty smashed so I was a bit worried, I wish these items at least came in a normal package box for some protection instead of a plastic bag. One of the bite alarms had a button for the "Tone" adjustments broken off :/ I think that should be an auto replacement but the seller said just glue it so I did. I fished it once so far and the button works and is still glued solidly to the unit. I have to say these bite alarms are super sensitive and work well to my surprise. I just don't know long how they will hold up over time durability wise but as of now I am quite pleased. Going to order another one for backup :) Volume control, tone, and sensitivity all work but a quick tip for the best sensitivity make sure the leds go all the way down to one light that is the most sensitive setting as I thought it would have been the opposite.