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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for stake titanium
Great grip. Don't push them in hard soil with your boots though. Bent the first stake I used that way. Just hammer them in with a rock or hammer if the soil is very compact, no problems that way. Overall nice stakes. Great for tension-relying tents like my tipi.
Was shipped very fast: within two weeks to Belgium. Happy with the pegs. Weighed them without the cordage, and four of them weigh 16 to 17g, 2 weigh 15 to 16g. I don't know why there's this difference in weight (which is quite significant respective to their total weight), it might be due to a cheaper production process leaving air bubbles inside the molten titanium. But, the pegs are rather cheap, so you get what you pay for. Will report back as soon as I have tested them out thoroughly. But happy customer so far, I would recommend the seller.