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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for badeanzug mit push
I can't even describe how happy i am with this swimsuit! Seller contacted me to confirm the size i am ordering (so nice of them!), and you HAVE to look at the description of sizes cause the swimsuit it actually is pretty small. Im slim (53 kg) and short (1.63m) and i still got L, and it was a good pick (i have small problems with getting it through my hips, but it is possible and looks 20/10). The material is like a normal swimsuit material, and the pattern is just pretty. It is also well made. The "bra" part is thick and comfortable. Pants part is a bit longer than regular bikini pants. The lenght of the dress is just perfect, i did not expect such great thing! Best swimsuit i ever had. Photos cant describe how good it looks in real life, im very satisfied! (a bit warrning tho, be aware... pants part is connected with the dress part, so its not easy to go to the bathroom ;x) + it came with a small present - hair tie ^^
Order date:27 february Delivery date: 4 April I'm really impressed with the quality. The product is as the description and I liked it so much, is beautiful. I chose size M and it fits me very well Fit bust: 87 cm Fit weist: 73 cm Height: 150 cm I definitly will buy again, I highly recommend this seller.
I love this swimsuit. I was a little concerned because I weigh less than the minimum suggested weight, but my measurements were correct, so I took a chance and went ahead with the purchase. I’m so glad I did. The swimsuit fits perfectly as is so pretty. Great communication from seller as well.