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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for tayogo
The first time I tested the water today, the children said that listening to the sound under the water is very good~, I hope to be durable, and then evaluate it after a period of time~
yet to try it underwater, but at a glance - everything is ok. A minor shortcoming - is the audio quality is not that the same you would expect from regular phones of the same size. But, yes, those are waterproof :)
Hallo, It takes 50-70 days to delivery of products every time. It's unbeievable that delivery in 12 days. İn 2 years all of the products that I broght have broken in short time for. Even some products haven broken at first used. I use these products in long way swimming sports. This product is awesome, the sound is excellent, buttons are so ergonomic and especially the length of sound cable is so matched. It would be fine that if it önly more products you have in your store and I wish if I brouht more products from your store. Really, I satisfied these products (for mp3) for the first time. think that I will give order one more for this product again. Because it will be in tow. Thanks.....